Microsoft Surface Duo spotted in the wild

Take some time to watch the upcoming Surface Duo in action

The tech giant boasts that the Surface Duo's camera will be "world class".

At first glance, the operating system and apps running on this Surface Duo seem to be properly optimized for the dual-screen form factor, and switching from one mode to another is a snappy process. Indulging in some mobile entertainment on his Microsoft Surface Duo, the commuter enjoyed some light gaming on single-display mode. The front-facing flash indicates that the final Surface Duo may skip a proper rear camera, opting to go only with a front camera.

Like the Surface Duo, Surface Neo folds down a central hinge, which could be seen as something of an eyesore when the device is fully unfolded.

We can see the user using the Surface Duo in open book style, closed and phone style - portrait and landscape - and also the process of opening and closing (folding) the device.

On Tuesday, Samsung is set to unveil a smartphone with a screen that folds up like the "clamshell" phones of the 1990s and 2000s. Other than that, we don't know much beyond what it's going to look like. They are the flagship feature of the device, as Microsoft has an ambitious vision of dual screens helping increase productive output in the same way dual monitors are beneficial for productivity.

Microsoft's dual-screened Surface Duo will be officially introduced in October- Take some time to watch the upcoming Surface Duo in action
Microsoft's dual-screened Surface Duo will be officially introduced in October

We would expect the Microsoft Surface Duo to land here in Australia but given the pricing of other Microsoft hardware in Australia do not expect it to be cheap. Did you even remember that this device will be released later this year?

The Galaxy Z Flip, which is rumoured to have a 6.7-inch foldable display made of "ultra-thin" glass, was revealed in an advert during Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony but will be officially unveiled by the company tonight.

One key problem for the company was the lack of apps on the mobile platform.

Critics have claimed that the apps available on Windows phones pale in comparison to their iOS and Android counterparts. It'll behave like Android for the most part, but Microsoft wants to add its own touch.

Microsoft's Surface Duo, the incoming dual-screen Android phone, has been spotted being used on a train in Vancouver, with someone sharing a video of this very public sighting on YouTube.

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