President Trump thanks Obama-era official for comments on Soleimani operation


'I didn't see one, with regard to four embassies.

Trump also praised protesters in Iran and warned Iranian officials not to use deadly force during the protests. Trump likely was influenced by the many hawks in his administration, and may have been attracted to the notion of demonstrating American strength as well, leading up to his decision.

She also talked about US troops present in Afghanistan, saying, "No one has a solution and an end point".

He said the United States should work more closely with the United Nations and should "rebuild the State Department".

After the missile operation in Iraq, US military flights around Iranian borders increased and Iranian military officials reported seeing aerial targets coming toward strategic centres, a statement by Iranian armed forces headquarters said.

"We can not go to war with Iran", Krishnamoorthi asserted. 'That is why I deployed thousands of additional paratroopers to the region to reinforce our embassies in Baghdad and reinforce other locations throughout the region'.

The question facing Trump now is whether the killing of Soleimani will lead to further USA entanglements, and inevitably loss of life, in the region either through an escalation of the conflict with Iran or in the wake of the collapse of the Iranian regime.

Two Iraqi officials told AFP President Donald Trump warned that the United States would block the country's account at the Federal Reserve bank in NY, a step that would devastate the oil producer's economy.

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Trump has previously butted heads with the intelligence community on Iran after he accused USA intelligence of being "naïve" on Iran following a 2018 assessment claiming that Iran posed less of a threat than North Korea.

The attacks took place early January 7 at two military bases that were housing American troops and caused no casualties. 'I don't know exactly which minute was plotting a broad, large-scale attack against American interests. "And I also noticed that in a lot of his tweets, he would kind of mix up both the impeachment issue as well as the attack on Soleimani", he continued, "which also raises questions and suspicions about what are the true motives behind that attack".

Still, U.S. officials defend the strike as restoring a check on Iran's aggression.

When Tapper asked Esper to expand on if there was intelligence to suggest follow-up attacks, the Pentagon chief said he wouldn't discuss specifics of the information on TV. Let me just say this -' Esper said, but was cut off by Tapper who brought up Trump's Fox News Channel interview.

Trump said the state of Wisconsin has record low unemployment, which was true during his presidency.

This was the president's first stop in Wisconsin during the 2020 campaign year, and his supporters hope he comes back.

Representative Mike McCaul, the leading Republican on the committee, said Soleimani's history of involvement in hostilities against US interests justified the strike but added that the administration could declassify more information about the matter.

The crash occurred early Wednesday just hours after Iran had fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at Iraqi military bases hosting USA troops. "They are not helping create more safety for the United States", Warren added. He didn't cite intelligence'.

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