Falsehoods on social media surrounding Alabama abortion ban

Falsehoods on social media surrounding Alabama abortion ban

The Massachusetts Citizens for Life Alliance, an anti-abortion rights advocacy group, notes on its website that the state constitution would have to be amended to change this: "Abortion statutes and regulations in Massachusetts are all predicated upon the state constitution, which unfortunately, views the right to access as a means through which public funding is guaranteed".

Missouri follows a raft of state level anti-choice enactments against abortion this year. Current law requires consent from only one parent.

Missouri's Republican-led Legislature on Friday approved a sweeping bill to ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy, joining Alabama and other states that have moved to severely restrict the procedure.

Under the Alabama law, a doctor who performs an abortion could be charged with a felony and face up to 99 years in prison.

It is. For now. They are betting that the newly refashioned Supreme Court may be ready to overturn Roe, and that the song and dance about respecting precedent that Brett M. Kavanaugh and Neil M. Gorsuch did for Sen. Indeed, it is even possible that the Court might prefer to sit this one out. Why? Supreme Court precedent is rarely overturned, so it would be remarkable if the court even made a decision to hear a case that could challenge Roe.

The blog post also advocates for revoking a controversial Trump administration rule, which a judge has temporarily blocked, that would bar healthcare facilities that provide abortion referrals from receiving federal funds for family planning.

On the surface, this seems unlikely.

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand says that, as president, she'd seek to write into law the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling that legalized abortion. "But they know this isn't right".

In Georgia, some speculate that the state's new anti-abortion law leaves open the possibility for women obtaining an abortion after six weeks, or even miscarrying, to be charged with murder.

As early as next week, the Court will decide whether to take cases from IN and Louisiana that put IN place greater abortion restrictions, including longer waiting times, increased burdens for clinics that provide abortion, and mandated ultrasound exams.

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Opponents say this amounts to a ban on abortion because cardiac activity in an embryo can be detected as early as the sixth week, before a woman may be aware that she is pregnant. The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to temporarily block the law in February, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joining liberal justices in the majority.

Given the obsessive - and justified - focus on Roe itself, all the Supreme Court has to do is invalidate laws such as Alabama's or Georgia's (or let stand lower-court decisions invalidating those laws) to garner headlines that declare abortion rights saved.

Politically, this compromise would play much better for Republicans because overturning Roe would create a political backlash that would nearly certainly boomerang against Republicans.

Abortion-rights supporters who attended the debate hissed in response.

"Many of the girls who came through our program had the need to a safe, affordable abortion and could not get one".

Rihanna has spoken out against Alabama's controversial anti-abortion bill. That likely isn't going to happen.

The Missouri bill also bans abortions motivated by the child's race or in cases in which a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The 31-year-old singer joins the likes of Lady Gaga, John Legend, Cara Delevingne and more in protesting the controversial Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which was signed this week.

Michael A. Cohen's column appears regularly in the Globe. The big question is whether Americans will notice enough to do something about it.

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