Trump Declares Republicans Had 'Great Night' in Primary Elections

Trump Declares Republicans Had 'Great Night' in Primary Elections

Tuesday's vote kicked off a busy stretch of the midterm primary season, with more than two dozen additional states set to vote before July 4.

"West Virginia deserves better than Joe Manchin and Sen". He's worked to cozy up to Trump and nurture a bipartisan brand. Manchin's $5.3 million war chest.

In three of the states, not even one-fifth of those registered to vote chose to go to the polls: the turnout was 19 percent in OH, 18 percent in IN and 14 percent in North Carolina.

Blankenship, who sold himself as "Trumpier than Trump" but was vigorously opposed by the president, finished third in the GOP race for the Senate.

The fifth, Don Blankenship, is not endorsing Morrisey. "Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey".

"Tremendous voter energy and excitement, and all candidates are those who have a great chance of winning in November", Trump wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

Manchin is in for a fight: Manchin, a conservative-leaning Democrat, may face the most hard race of his career. Joe Donnelly. In Ohio, voters will nominate candidates for governor and Senate.

"I think that happened in IN as well and we anticipate that happening in the rest of the primary season", McConnell said, referring to the Senate Republican primary victory of businessman Mike Braun.

He defeated four others Tuesday in the 6th District race, including Muncie businessman Jonathan Lamb.

He urged Republicans to unite after a five-way primary that saw investment banker Mike Gibbons sue Renacci for allegedly defamatory campaign statements including that Gibbons was anti-Trump. Lamb has loaned himself $800,000.

"Your interference in the West Virginia election displayed a lack of understanding of the likely outcome of the upcoming general election", Blankenship added. One thing I would note is that, you know, we've been reading so many stories about this big blue wave that is going to hit elections this fall that we've stopped looking at some of the contrary indications - the president's job approval slowly inching up, the generic ballot closing, the gap that we've had against - versus Democrats has been closing.

Both Democratic women nominees in West Virginia will challenge Republican incumbents in deep-red districts. The blast killed 29 miners, and prosecutors argued that Blankenship was a micro-manager whose focus on production had led to safety violations.

Joe Manchin III said on "Your World" that former coal baron Don Blankenship was the "only truly conservative Republican" candidate in Tuesday's primary race.

"I look forward to meeting with you in the near future", Blankenship closed the letter.

6 killed in Indonesian prison clash between militants, police
Police have said the incident was triggered by a trivial disagreement about a delay in an inmate getting food from his family. The world's most populous Muslim nation Indonesia has carried a lot of crackdown on militants since Bali bombing in 2002.

Groups related to both national parties dropped big money advertising against candidates who wound up losing Tuesday.

Indeed, a rough guide is that Democrats will pick up an additional three to four seats for every point they gain in the national vote.

Across the board, the Republican turn out was higher OH, though overall voter turnout was lower than typical primaries.

One precinct in a North Carolina county will accept voters past the statewide closing time for the polls after the location failed to open its doors on time for the primary.

Jenkins conceded the race shortly after 10 p.m. He's somebody who is well-known and been around the state a long time.

Trump Jr. has already been involved in elections this year.

In West Virginia, Tuesday's primary includes races for U.S. Senate, U.S. House and the Legislature. He'll face Democratic Sen.

Morrisey beat out Rep. Evan Jenkins, who it appears will come in second, and controversial candidate Don Blankenship for the GOP nomination. All three of the state's USA representatives are Republicans. Home-state Vice President Mike Pence will also attend the rally. Republicans say that's evidence there's not a blue wave in Ohio.

"We are going to have a center that works for all of West Virginia, and we will ensure that West Virginia rises again".

Manchin told supporters at his Charleston campaign headquarters that the nation has "unfinished business" on affordable health care, infrastructure, taking care of veterans and helping working-class Americans like his state's coal workers.

OH voters also went to the polls to choose candidates in the election to succeed Republican Governor John Kasich, who is prohibited from running again by term limits.

The ad concludes: "Call Sen". The stakes are high as the GOP braces for potential major losses this fall. Mitch McConnell's family in racially charged language, would likely have been abandoned by Senate Republicans had he won the nomination.

"There was only one truly conservative West Virginian in the race", Manchin said.

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Primary election information available in mailed voter guide
It wasn't that Tuesday's winners had rebuked Trump, it's just that the most overt Trump supporters were not necessarily rewarded. Yet Republicans on Wednesday were spinning the larger number of votes to support the argument their voters are more enthusiastic.