Quincy Jones Claims He Dated Ivanka Trump & We Have Questions

AFP  Getty Images		Quincy Jones

Yes, chile! Ivanka Trump!

"The connection was there between Sinatra and the Mafia and Kennedy".

Well dang, tell them how you really feel!

He told U.S. publication Vulture: "I used to date Ivanka, you know".

The 27-time Grammy award victor also claimed that he "used to date" the President's eldest daughter, claiming that "she's a fine m--".

Calling out racism in America and how Trump's rhetoric has encouraged people to be openly prejudiced, Jones added, "Trump is just telling them what they want to hear". Now we know. It's Trump and uneducated rednecks. He's a insane motherf**ker. Limited mentally - a meglomaniac, narcissistic.

The legendary music producer, who is promoting a new Netflix documentary and United States television special, has said that the British band "were the worst musicians in the world" in an interview with New York Magazine.

Quincy Jones, a legendary American record producer and composer, has accused the late Michael Jackson of stealing "a lot of songs".

New horizons captures record-breaking images in the Kuiper Belt
The neon green and blue images were snapped in false-color to make the objects more distinguishable to the human eye. The spacecraft was at a distance of 6.12 billion kilometers (3.79 billion miles) when it captured the images.

Greedy, man. Greedy. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" - Greg Phillinganes wrote the c section. Donna Summer's "State of Independence and "Billie Jean". He was as Machiavellian as they come", he said.

Speaking to Vulture, Jones once again expresses his disdain for modern pop music, saying, "It's just loops, beats, rhymes and hooks".

After calling The Beatles "the worst musicians in the world" in an extended response, Jones singled out Eric Clapton's band 1960s band Cream as a band "that could play". They were no-playing motherf***ers. "And Ringo? Don't even talk about it. Bad".

In the interim, Jones called jazz drummer Ronnie Verrell into the studio.

"It wasn't the rockers". He has some choice words for Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper. Stockholm-she's coming in next week.

"The best example of me trying to feed the musical principles of the past - I'm talking about bebop - is 'Baby Be Mine, '" he said.

"And she was f***ing up every take because her necklace or bracelet was rattling in the microphone. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye". In the same interview he said that Elvis "couldn't sing". "It was the Seventies!" "[He] discovered me for The Color Purple".

When asked to expand on this revelation, Jones replied, "We shouldn't talk about this publicly". I was so f***ing exhausted from doing that, I couldn't see.

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